Park Place Human Resources


Core Convictions


Dealing with others through honesty and respect to create an environment of trust for our clients and members.

Outstanding Client Experience

Building and maintaining exceptional relationships with our clients by openly communicating, doing the right thing the first time, and delivery on commitments.


Achieving the very best for our clients, members, vendors, industry, and stakeholders. It is meeting goals and exceeding expectations.


Taking personal responsibility for our actions.

Mission Statement

It is our mission to provide an extraordinary automotive purchase and ownership experience.

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At Park Place Dealerships, our goal is to ensure an "extraordinary experience" for our clients. We believe our Members (employees) deserve this as well. Everyone on our staff is a Park Place advocate who shares our passion and values.

As a Member of Park Place Dealerships, you will contribute, every day, to the achievement of our mission: To provide an extraordinary automotive purchase and ownership experience that goes beyond what our clients even know they desire. Your success will depend on your ongoing dedication to our Core Convictions: Integrity, Outstanding Client Experience, Winning, and Commitment.

To support our Members in achieving our organization's mission and goals, as well as their own career goals, Park Place provides a comprehensive, highly-specialized training plan for each position within our organization, complete with on-the-job training and ongoing personal development.

Members also enjoy exclusive perks and a long list of exceptional benefits.

Our ideal candidates are confident, passionate people looking to grow and succeed with one of the most successful organizations in Dallas/Fort Worth. If the word "expert" is on your resume, we would like to meet you.

Sales Overview

The Sales staff at Park Place is the core ingredient in creating success for our dealership. Those who work on our Sales team interact directly with our clients and often make or break their car-buying experience; thus, the way our sales consultants present themselves is invaluable for our company. Here at Park Place, we highly value developing a positive relationship with our clients.

The most successful members of our Sales staff at Park Place share a balance of several traits: professionalism, kindness, genuineness, and helpfulness, among others. We expect our Sales staff to perform at their best each and every day, so as to ensure that all of our members meet our standard of "Experts in Excellence." Our Sales team is composed of Sales Managers, Sales Consultants, Sales Assistants, and Sales Administrators, all of which play a crucial role in preserving our success in the automotive industry. Candidates interested in a Park Place sales career should have a Bachelor's degree or 1-2 years of related experience and training.

Parts Overview

Our Parts Specialists are vital in maintaining our efficient and effective relationship with our clients. Because Park Place services such a large number of cars daily, our Parts Specialists have an immediate impact on the client experience and business efficiency. Our Parts team is expected to maintain exceptional performance in order to deliver the service our clients expect from the Park Place brand.

In order to maintain an unparalleled client experience through the service relationship with our clients, it is essential that our Parts Specialists are skillful, up to date, well-informed, and knowledgeable. Here at Park Place, our first priority is providing clients with both excellent automotive purchase and ownership experiences, and our Parts specialists are crucial in achieving this goal.

Candidates should have a solid understanding of technical equipment and gear, as well as an ability to display effective communicative skills with our clients.

Service Overview

The Park Place Service Team is crucial in achieving an enduring positive relationship with our clients. Our vast spectrum of positions within the service department includes Automotive Service Technicians, Service Administrators, Warranty Administrators, and Cashiers.

The quality of our service team is tightly maintained in order to service our clients with an outstanding experience that consistently exceeds their expectations. Every member of our service team is highly valued and expected to interact positively and genuinely with our clients; this ensures a quality relationship between our company and those who trust the Park Place experience.

Those interested in becoming a part of our Service Team should have a balance of technical skills required for the desired position, solid problem-solving skills, and a developed understanding of how to positively interact with clients.

Learn more about available automotive technician education programs and how you can become qualified for a technician job at Park Place Dealerships.

Support Overview

The Park Place Support Team plays a critical role in our success as a business by making sure our company functions smoothly and efficiently day in and day out. Positions within the Support Team include corporate positions such as Marketing, IT, Human Resources, and Organizational Excellence, as well as store-level support staff such as Business Development Center, Accounting, file clerks, valet, and reception, all of which help keep the company accessible and effective.

Every member of our Support Team is held to a high standard so as keep our structure polished and our productivity maximized. Team members should be well-educated, have strong communicative skills, and have a solid background in their field in order to optimize our efficiency as a business and provide an outstanding client experience. Without this extraordinary team of professionals, our company would be unable to maintain our exceptional client relationships that set Park Place Dealerships apart.

BodyShop Overview

At Park Place, our Bodyshop members provide our clients with an essential piece of the service experience. Our Bodyshop team is made up of Price Estimators, Paint Techs, Body Techs, Receptionists, Valets, Cashiers, and Insurance/Claim Specialists, all of which come together to produce an outstanding service experience. Our highly esteemed staff of technicians works to fulfill any drivers' desires by repairing, enhancing, or perfecting each client's vehicle. Each member of this team is highly experienced and proficient in what they do, and is capable of executing a vast range of modifications in order to deliver an outstanding product to our clients. Operations within the Bodyshop must be performed with utmost integrity and dedication to perfection in order to reflect the Park Place name. For this reason, it's important that all candidates are committed to excellence and delivering a paramount technical production for our clients.

Those interested in joining the Bodyshop team should be equipped with exceptional mathematic and reasoning skills, an extensive understanding of vehicle design, formal technician training, and a working knowledge of electronics. Our Bodyshop members should also maintain efficient "people skills" and a genuine desire to help and satisfy our clients.